Why buy iGuru

Why buy iGuru

We did not grow up as clothing designers! Our job is in the studio teaching Yoga & Fitness. Everyday is a kit day! we live in our kit, wear it every day and need to feel good in it. The birth of iGuru came after yet another visit to TK Maxx for a re stock that only filled a gap rather than met our demands for kit that is not see through, stretches, flatters and that can be worn to the supermarket after class. 

We set to designing our own range and came up with the all black base layers. Yes they last, yes they flatter, yes you can wear them all day every day and no you cannot see through them in downward facing dog. Job done. This was the start, and we are gradually building on our range with the buddha vest, gilet and limited editions. 

Once you try on our kit you will not look back. Welcome to iGuru.

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